Elektrikmalzemeleri Ravenhead 12-Piece Essential Glassware Hobnobs Drinking Glass Set, Clear:Elektrikmalzemeleri
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Ravenhead 12-Piece Essential Glassware Hobnobs Drinking Glass Set, Clear:Elektrikmalzemeleri

Ravenhead Published in October 24, 2018, 2:34 am
 Ravenhead 12-Piece Essential Glassware Hobnobs Drinking Glass Set, Clear:Elektrikmalzemeleri

Ravenhead 12-Piece Essential Glassware Hobnobs Drinking Glass Set, Clear:Elektrikmalzemeleri

Price:£12.00+ Free shipping with Tsyasmin Prime

Pete Reply to on 10 August 2017
Attractive basic glasses. The knobbly base is smooth and lifts the glass just enough that you don't get a wet base or stuck place mats/doilies. The glasses are suitably sized for multiple purposes and they feel nice in the hand.The glass is moderately thick and feels strong. I have no complaints about these anyway.

Delivery was quick and they were well packaged against postal abuse - something that is always a worry when ordering fragile items.
Reviewser Reply to on 13 June 2018
Purchased (£14.95 | 14 May 2018)
Very good for the price
The set contains 6 tall glasses and 6 small glasses

The bottoms of these glasses are thick and make the glass very strong

I shopped around before buying these and found that most glasses for the same price were thin and cheap, these are great
Kit Reply to on 26 October 2014
Very happy with these glasses. The shape is nice, and seems to wash better in the dishwasher than my previous glasses which get a lot more streaks in the dishwasher (I think the very slight angle to these glasses makes them better to wash than the 100% vertical alignment of my previous ones).

Update: I purchased a second batch from the seller Kitchen Equipment Supplies (called Bin Babe a few months ago, they keep changing names). This batch appears to be fake and all the glasses have chipped and broken over the last few months. In the same washing machine as my original batch so it's definitely a problem with the new fake batch. Seller refused any refund for the fake items. First seller who gave official product was called 24/7 Direct.
Kieran P.
Kieran P. Reply to on 7 August 2017
These are beautiful drinking glasses. It comes with 6 little glasses and 6 tall glasses.
They all came unscathed, perfectly intact and the delivery was very swift as expected from Prime membership.
I was a little reluctant on buying these as I was afraid that they would be smashed and won't be as nice in person.
I am so glad I decided to buy these as what I feared went away as I opened the box and saw 12 glasses in perfect condition looking a lot more expensive than they actually are!
tress Reply to on 20 May 2018
This glass set is lovely, was surprised how thick and heavy they are considering the price.
I got rid of all my odd set of glasses and this was an affordable way of replacing them.
Well packaged all the glasses arrived in one piece
XJRX Reply to on 16 December 2013
They are lovely glasses! thicker & heavier than the last ones I had, come out nicely in the dishwasher. They look so much more expensive than what they actually are, such a bargain. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing these little beauties!
Crucitti Fabio
Crucitti Fabio Reply to on 7 July 2017
Perfectly transparent and attractive. Fortunately my packaging was good and the whole set came full and without damage. I bought it when I came to live in this new home with other roommates and we had a great time.

Approved and recommended.
Toni L.
Toni L. Reply to on 28 December 2017
They r amazing and have had good comments on them. Thank you 4 delivering them early as i realy needed them. Hope u all had a good Christmas and a happy new year to u all. THANKS.
Barbara Halley
Barbara Halley Reply to on 22 June 2017
Bought these for my fussy granddaughter who requested glass ware for Christmas. She was delighted with them
Miss Towner
Miss Towner Reply to on 24 August 2017
These are lovely
Nice sizes, heavy bottomed and feel very good quality, not cheap and thin.
The bobble designed base looks nice too and makes them look high quality.
Would buy again anytime.
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