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Deluxe How Luxury Lost its Lustre:Elektrikmalzemeleri

Dana Thomas
Dana Thomas Published in October 24, 2018, 2:44 am
 Deluxe How Luxury Lost its Lustre:Elektrikmalzemeleri

Deluxe How Luxury Lost its Lustre:Elektrikmalzemeleri

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avid british reader
avid british reader Reply to on 23 September 2016
This is such an intriguing book and have read it from cover to cover in 3 sittings- the level of research knows no bounds and I have been fascinated to read of the groups and super groups and learn than Arnaud is the baddie! Lovely to realise that they are beacons of integrity remaining out there and of their practices
My he quality of the book is rather poor and it deserves a slightly larger font and size as it doesn't reflect the great content-
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 3 August 2014
Quick delivery and good service. The book is interesting but as another reviewer said i wish it was updated to today, although why she,d want to find that some things have not changed may be a bit harrowing.
It is an eye opener and if there were more in a similar vein perhaps we would stop buying so much both the real thing, because of exorbitant prices or the copies. Also maybe the real artisans would have a better business nothing wrong in saving and buying something really special and beautifully made for yourself or a loved one.
SecondCherry Reply to on 26 March 2011
I devoured this book in two days flat - it was a really interesting read, and very well and smoothly written. Full of FMR moments, especially concerning money, it also makes you shockingly aware of what completely dislocated lives some of the super rich must lead - a long way from those of us who worry about the utility bills every winter. It also makes me personally more allergic to brands and to advertising than ever before (festooning yourself with logos is something I've always found deeply vulgar). A must-read for anyone interested in fashion, branding, marketing or business, or who just has a bull---t detector. It loses one star for the godawful proof-reading - really, peeps, I know this was punted out to a deadline, but get a good sub on it for heaven's sake...
Alek Reply to on 10 August 2015
This was a vacation reading for me. The stories of the couture houses were fascinating and Dana did an amazing investigative job on every little bit of the book: it is full of specific data, everything checked and based on real facts, research and reports.

The updated version with the data up to 2015 would be much more vibrant.

Even though before reading the book I was regarding luxury brands as a kitsch, after reading the book I'll want to stick with your best fast-fashion companies.
Louise_1987 Reply to on 25 April 2013
Having loved purchasing the higher end brands, I thought this book would be an interesting read. I hadn't realised that a zip or even something as little as stitching on the made in label could alter where something was made. For instance if the main manufacture happened in China but the tag or zip was done in Italy, they could sell the bag or clothing as if it was made in Italy.

The book covers everything from fragrance, fashion and accessories. It is a very insightful book and has changed my mind set completely. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fashion or is interested to see how the moguls see us as customers.
Malibu Reply to on 2 July 2018
Fascinating read, gives tremendous insight into many aspects of the luxury world.
lara Reply to on 4 November 2015
Chiara Reply to on 10 April 2015
A great insight with a lot of interesting points which make the book easy to ready and very pleasant as well as stimulating high curiosity in the reader.
jacinta reed
jacinta reed Reply to on 8 April 2015
reviting , and informative
V. Roso
V. Roso Reply to on 18 June 2012
Everyone who is into fashion has to read this book! As one reviewer wrote "Hard to look at Louis Vuitton, red carpet gowns or the perfume industry in the same way again." This is my fashion bible from now on!
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